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We represent clients across a variety of backgrounds and situations. We have represented athletes, actors, presenters, CEOs, musicians, online influencers and leaders from around the world.  We will not represent anyone we don't feel we can offer the best possible service to. Anyone who we feel isn't right for us will be directed to one of the many brilliant PR firms in the area. Our goal is to have long lasting relationships with our clients.

What type of clients do you represent?


The cost of our services varies depending on your specific needs and goals. We offer personalised quotes after an initial consultation where we learn more about your project. This approach ensures you receive a customised solution at a fair price. As a premium service, we provide tailored solutions and expert resources, reflecting our higher investment in client success. To understand the specific cost for your project, please schedule a consultation for a personalised quote.

How much does your service cost?


Yes, we work with clients facing public scrutiny. We believe everyone deserves a fair and accurate portrayal in the media, regardless of the situation. As a PR agency, our role is to ensure your voice is heard and your perspective is represented ethically and effectively. We do not make personal judgments about our clients or their situations.

Do you take on clients facing public scrutiny?


Absolutely. We have represented clients from Australia, UAE, North America, Europe, the list goes on! We are based in London UK but we have an international presence and have secured coverage whilst promoting and protecting our clients around the world.

Do you represent international clients?


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