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Repp Media specialises in global publicity, targeted campaigns and strategy outlay across all platforms. We deliver sophisticated, high impact results with a commitment to individual client satisfaction. Our aim is to make you stand out from the crowd in the world and fulfill your vision with our sector expertise. 


Our Crisis Management services are best-in-class.  A crisis can’t be solved by ignoring it.  We can limit mainstream media coverage of crisis situations by providing the right responses and containing careless comments so they don’t spread like wildfire on social media. 


We specialise in personal publicity  which include endorsements, partnerships, media coverage across all platforms and strategy outlay. We have extensive experience across various industries around the world.


Are you a company who could benefit from increased media exposure and captivating online content across your channels? Branding and positioning is a key part in a company's success.

Let's talk. 

Consultancy & other services

Sometimes you just need a fresh set eyes looking from the outside in. We offer hourly and daily consulting sessions to help you achieve your media goals. Need a press release? Need a refresh course for your PR department? Drop us an email.

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