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Repp 52

'For The Extraordinary'

Repp 52 specialises in international media relations for people and brands within the gambling industry. We focus on promoting and protecting our clients' reputation by ensuring we partner them with strong non biased media outlets and sponsorship brands. We deliver sophisticated, high impact results with a commitment to individual client satisfaction


Get to Know Us

Repp 52 is a subsidiary of Repp Media Limited. Repp Media is a full service public relations agency. Created in 2017 and based in London UK our primary objective is to raise the efficacy of public relations on an international scale. In recent years Repp Media has represented clients from all over the world including Los Angeles, Gold Coast, Dubai, New York, London, Madrid and Moscow. We have secured coverage in Forbes, BBC, New York Times, Mail Online, LADBible, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal and much more. 

Repp 52 was created to focus on the storytelling of public figures and brands within the gambling industry. The industry has created some of the most interesting stories, people and brands of our time due to the evergrowing rise in popularity across the world. 

We have also worked alongside internationally recognised brands such as HBO, ITV, Instagram, American Golf, Wilson, Party Poker, Syco Entertainment and much more. 


We offer a wide range of services that can help you during the campaign. You may not need all of them; however, you can feel confident that we are here if you ever need them. You can also talk to us, in confidence, if there is something else you may need. 


Media Relations

Getting you in front of the right journalists and editors is crucial. We can identify stories from your past, present and future that will captivate readers and further enhance your profile within the mainstream media. 


Sponsorship & Endorsements

Securing the right sponsorship is crucial. We have the contacts, skills and expertise to ensure you are partnered with companies that align with your brand. We  secure, negotiate and renew sponsorship opportunities so you don't have to!


Brand Awareness

Are you a brand who could benefit from increased media exposure and captivating online content across your channels? Branding and positioning is a key part in a company's success. Let's talk.


Speaking Opportunities

Do you have a knack for public speaking? We can position you within various industry conferences, shows and online events to speak about your expertise in your chosen field.


Crisis Management

Our Crisis Management services are best-in-class.  A crisis can’t be solved by ignoring it.  We can limit mainstream media coverage of crisis situations by providing the right responses and containing careless comments so they don’t spread like wildfire on social media. 


We have a straight talking no nonsense policy when it comes to representation. That's why we will always be transparent from the start, we won't represent anyone we don't think we can deliver for. 

For all new clients we start with a cost effective 3 month trial campaign to ensure both parties are comfortable. After that, we have a rolling contract which can be cancelled with 1 month notice. We believe in giving our clients flexibility.


So, what's the timeline to getting signed? 


We can have a phone call, meet in person or simply text! Whatever is easiest for you. We will discuss what you could benefit from, what you may be looking for in the future and most importantly, what YOU want to achieve. We can write up a proposal for you to consider all options.


We will write up a straight forward contract for our initial 3 month campaign to ensure both parties are protected. We can talk you through it or you can send the contract to a third party for overview. 

3 Month Campaign

Let's get started! We will brief you with the next steps and action everything we discussed. We usually advise a 3 month campaign as it will give us enough time to deliver effective results. 

Our Work

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