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What are the Real Benefits of PR?

If you've been searching for a PR firm to promote your business, you might have been confronted with the phrase, 'PR is never guaranteed'. However, a reputable PR agency will only take on clients if they truly believe that they can deliver the outcome that you are looking for, so make sure that you select a PR firm carefully.

A PR agency can benefit your business in the following ways:

1) Creates a positive brand image

Businesses that work with a reputable PR agency usually have a press page that features positive news coverage about their business. Timely and consistent press releases show customers that your business has a positive reputation in the market which can give you a competitive edge over companies in the same space. PR can also be an effective method of crisis management. If a situation occurs that puts your company in a negative light, effective PR methods can help to protect your business's reputation and brand to help minimise damage. With an effective PR communications strategy in place, your business can take control of its own narrative and change public perception.

2) Boosts credibility

One of the most effective benefits that PR firms give to businesses is making them seem like a reliable, honest company in their customers' eyes. Strengthening your company's credibility is a key part of your business's success but it is more complicated than most businesses realise. Getting press that is strategically placed in targeted publications and industry trade journals can help to bolster your brand's reputation as their readers know that you did not pay for coverage.

3) Reduce costs

When PR is integrated with other tactics via a cohesive 'digital ecosystem' approach, an effective PR strategy can save your business a significant amount of money. By utilising both paid, owned and earned media, you can achieve more impact at a reduced cost than strategies that are built around a siloed approach. The cost of PR will depend on the kind of services your business requires, but this usually comes at a much cheaper cost than traditional advertising and marketing methods. At Repp Media, we only take on clients if we believe that we can create an effective PR strategy for them that delivers.

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