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"Without publicity a terrible thing happens - nothing."

  Personal Publicity  

Repp Media provides exclusive personal publicity, profiling and reputation management for high-profile public figures across Europe, North America, UAE and Australia. We pride ourselves on our first class expertise, media contacts, confidentiality and personal approach. Building effective and impactful campaigns for our clients is our highest priority. 




We offer exclusive representation to our clients and ensure their reputation is promoted and protected throughout the mainstream media. We believe personal publicity is more than just securing coverage in national press. We make sure our clients are  promoted to the public in a respectful and professional way, teaming up with the world’s most respected journalists, editors, photographers and agents. We coordinate perfectly timed stories to maximise effectiveness and coverage reach. We make sure our clients are informed and knowledgeable before all opportunities are taken. 


We also provide media training and media consultation for any occasion to ensure our clients are presenting themselves in the best possible way and positively engaging their audiences. 


Our reputation management service has the power to enhance and rebuild reputations through clear, tactical campaigns. We provide relevant sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for our clients which align with their demographic. Building relationships with the biggest brands around the world has allowed us to offer lucrative and long term commercial contracts. We also offer social media management, event opportunities and a spokesperson for various situations. 

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