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"Out of crisis comes clarity"

  Crisis Management  

Our Crisis Management services are best-in-class.  A crisis can’t be solved by ignoring it.  We can limit mainstream media coverage of crisis situations by providing the right responses and containing careless comments so they don’t spread like wildfire on social media.  We will protect your personal brand and privacy against anyone or anything trying to taint your public image.


Crisis management requires the full trust and confidence of our clients. All our crisis management cases are strictly confidential and are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements so do not hesitate to contact us. 


Crisis communications is a bit like packing an umbrella whilst flying off to the Caribbean. You hope you won't need it but take it just in case. Repp Media have developed their own F.I.R.E strategy (Forecast, Identify, Response and Evaluate) which allows us to tackle any potential situation with pragmatism and conviction.  


Sometimes a crisis unfolds unexpectedly and a you need to get out in front of it quickly. Repp Media has extensive international experience in minimising public damage, providing timely responses and working with media outlets to ensure your reputation remains intact.    

Crisis Managament - PR Agency
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