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  Who We Are  

Repp Media Limited is a full service public relations agency. Created in 2017 and based in London UK our primary objective is to raise the efficacy of public relations on an international scale. In recent years Repp Media has represented clients from all over the world including Los Angeles, Gold Coast, Dubai, New York, London, Madrid and Moscow. We have secured coverage in Forbes, BBC, New York Times, Mail Online, LADBible, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal and much more. 

From 2017 to 2019 we accumulated over 22 million coverage views and 785 million in print readership. 

We have also worked alongside internationally recognised brands such as HBO, ITV, Instagram, American Golf, Wilson, Party Poker, Syco Entertainment and much more. Our client base stretches over many different industries and we have been proud to represent musicians, actors, CEOS, leaders, politicians, athletes, models and broadcast presenters. 

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